The dynamic writing team of Geoff Johns & Richard Donner joins artist extraordinaire Eric Powell (Eisner Award-winning writer/artist of THE GOON) for SUPERMAN: ESCAPE FROM BIZARRO WORLD! Bizarro, the twisted, imperfect duplicate of Superman, has kidnapped Pa Kent, and now the Man of Steel must fly to Bizarro World to rescue his adoptive father. On this cubic world, populated by Bizarro versions of the Justice League of America, Lois Lane and more, Superman must stop Bizarro's tormented, Frankenstein-like rampage long enough to get away-but will Bizarro versions of Doomsday and other evildoers prove to be too much for Superman? Collects ACTION COMICS #855-857, SUPERMAN #140, DC COMICS PRESENTS #71 and THE MAN OF STEEL #5.

Written By:
Geoff Johns, John Byrne, E. Nelson Bridwell, Richard Donner
Curt Swan, Eduardo Barreto, John Byrne, Eric Powell, Wayne Boring
Cover By: