HEROES WILL BE FORGED! Good and bad, yin and yang…all sides of humanity will be transformed by the Lazarus event…and in the DC Universe one thing’s for sure: heroes will always rise. In this special we’ll explore some of the amazing new powers gifted to the freedom fighters of the future…and we’ll see what perils these villain-vanquishing virtuosos will face. What secret does Flatline seek from the heart of Talia al Ghul’s HQ? Can Red Canary bring order to an out-of-control city? What secret does the heroic Dead Eye hold that will haunt him forever? And enter into a brand-new legend with the fantastic debut of Vigil!

Written By:
Ram V., Chuck Brown, Delilah S. Dawson, Brandon T. Snider
Clayton Henry, Laura Braga, Alitha Martinez, Ro Stein
Clayton Henry, Mark Morales, Laura Braga, Alitha Martinez, Ted Brandt
Cover By:
Alejandro Sanchez, David Marquez