Love is in the air again, and DC is here to warm your heart and brighten your soul with eight timeless tales of…strange love? We’ve got stories of a love as old as Jurassic time on Dinosaur Island, a bromance between Peacemaker and his eagle sidekick Eagly, and a first date you never saw coming. Oh wow, these really do sound sweet and heartwarming! So c’mon, let your freak flag fly and get weird this Valentine’s Day.

Written By:
Devin Grayson, Rex Ogle, Ram V., Stephanie Nicole Phillips
Scot Eaton, Geraldo Borges, Jon Sommariva, Pablo M Collar
Wayne Faucher, Ande Parks, Roger Robinson, Christian Duce, Geraldo Borges, Eric Gapstur, Jon Sommariva, Pablo M Collar, Jon Mikel
Cover By:
Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn